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Don't Deal with complicated tax filing

Tax preparation is an extremely complex and challenging task — anyone who’s ever tried filing taxes will agree. Tax laws are complicated and vary from one region to the next, so even simple tax returns can be difficult. Using automated tax software opens the possibility of ignoring possible sources of tax deductions and credits. Mark Sherman CPA prepares your personal, business, estate/trust, gift, and non-profit taxes to help you avoid tax audits and maximize your deductions. We provide the best tax preparation Las Vegas has to offer.

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Types of Tax Preparation

Whether you’re an independent contractor, full-time employee, or business owner, you need to select the ideal accounting firm for your tax preparation. Mark Sherman CPA is led by talented and experienced accountants who stay abreast of the latest tax laws to maximize your benefits while helping you avoid common pitfalls and landmines. We provide the following types of tax preparation — personal tax preparation, business tax preparation, estate/ trust tax preparation, gift tax preparation, and non-profit tax preparation.

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I recently had a consultation with Mark because I had questions regarding gift taxes. He took the time to thoroughly answer my questions, gave advice on how to complete some paperwork I was working on, and left me feeling confident about having him complete my taxes next year. I definitely recommend this office!

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Types of Tax Preparation We Offer

Individual Tax Preparation
We provide assistance with stock and mutual fund investments, the exercise of stock options, rental properties, multi-state tax issues, alternative minimum tax, sole proprietorships, and more. We gather all the necessary information from you to draft a comprehensive tax return.

Business Tax Preparation
We provide tax preparation services for all types of business entities, including C corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. We also help you select the appropriate business entity to optimize tax savings making your tax filing in Las Vegas stress-free.

Estate/ Trusts Tax Preparation
We assist trustees and the executors of an estate throughout the tax process. Whether you need to file Form 1041 (income tax return for estates and trusts), Form 706 (for all estate assets), or Form 1041 (for income earned), we help you through the process.

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Gift Tax Preparation
The annual gift tax exclusion is available to individuals receiving up to $15,000 as a gift, whereas all income beyond that level is liable to a maximum tax rate of 40%. We help maximize your savings with gift tax preparation.

Non-Profit Tax Preparation
We provide assistance with the filing for not-for-profit, tax-exempt organizations. Even though most tax-exempt organizations don’t pay federal taxes, they still have to file annual tax returns, mostly in the form of informational returns with the IRS. We help you file the necessary forms.

Our Tax Preparation Services Include:

  • E-filing of taxes at the appropriate time
  • Generating same-day tax returns
  • Audit protection plan
  • Representing you during IRS tax audits
  • Preparing you and your business for taxes
  • Minimizing future tax liabilities
  • Curating a comprehensive tax plan
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Put your taxes in good hands

If you’re concerned about your taxes, please contact Mark Sherman CPA today. We always stay abreast of the latest regulatory changes to help you with your tax preparation in Las Vegas.

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