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Mark Sherman CPA provides a wide range of accounting services for individuals and businesses, including bookkeeping, compiled financial statements, reviewed financial statements, and yearly vendor information reporting. Whether you’re starting a new business or need a forecasted financial statement, we provide personalized services for your individual needs to help you achieve your financial objectives.

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We assign an accountant to handle your personal or business bookkeeping and compile all of the information into an accessible and self-explanatory report. We understand your business’ finances and offer proactive ways to maximize your deductions, ensuring everything remains above board for taxes. We perform our bookkeeping services using numerous techniques and tools, such as the universally acclaimed Quickbooks software, which allows us to generate comprehensive reports for your business.

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The entire team is professional and a pleasure to work with. I feel fortunate to have found Mark and his team. He reviewed my documentation and accurately answered my concerns. Mark made some recommendations for how to manage my bookkeeping and has the services that my business will require as it grows. I look forward to continuing to use Mark's tax preparation and add services as my business needs increase.

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Compiled Financial Statements

A compiled financial statement is the most basic and informal form of financial statement available. This is a summary of your company’s finances presented in the correct format by the CPA, based on data provided directly by your company. This type of financial statement provides no assurance because the CPA doesn’t examine your internal accounts or perform tests. This is a straightforward service, only suitable in situations where you need a second pair of eyes to review your financial records.

Reviewed Financial Statements

A reviewed financial statement is performed to ensure compliance with the U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This is a limited examination wherein the accountant reviews your financial statements and accounts to assess your management and analytical procedures. Reviewed financial statements offer limited assurance that your statements are free from material errors. A review isn’t as comprehensive as an audit, which is a more thorough examination of your business’s financial records.

Yearly Vendor Information Reporting (W2’s & 1099’s)

All businesses must send W2 or 1099 forms to employees and independent contractors/ vendors. W2 forms are meant for your company’s employees — they record your employees’ salary and tax information. 1099 forms are sent to suppliers and vendors and later logged with the IRS to ensure that they’re reporting the correct amounts of income. We handle the annual vendor information reporting, including sending W2 and 1099 forms to your vendors and employees and ensuring all the forms are kept updated. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you with all of your accounting needs.

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