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Estate Planning
Las Vegas

Estate Planning for the Future

Death is inevitable, but it’s not something most of us are comfortable facing. However, if you postpone dealing with the inevitability of your passing, your estate may not go to the intended beneficiaries. Without proper estate planning, your intended beneficiaries may find themselves in legal battles to claim what should rightfully be theirs. Mark Sherman CPA provides comprehensive services for estate planning in Las Vegas to ensure all of your assets go to the people you want according to your specific intentions without complications.

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What is Estate Planning?

Your estate consists of everything you own, including your home and other properties, car, investments, furniture, jewelry, checking and savings accounts, life insurance, and all other items in your name or possession. As such, regardless of the size of your estate, you must set clear instructions and provisions in place for where they go once you pass away.

Estate planning involves ensuring your assets are properly divided amongst the intended beneficiaries according to your instructions. You choose who receives your assets, when, and how. Furthermore, estate planning allows you (and your beneficiaries) to save considerably on taxes, attorney fees, court costs, etc. It also ensures that your beneficiaries don’t find themselves in unpleasant legal battles after your passing.

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Estate Planning Includes:

  • Naming an inheritance manager
  • Naming a guardian for minor children
  • Instructions for your care if you’re disabled
  • Providing for disabled family members
  • Providing for family members according to specific instructions
  • Protecting family members from future creditors or divorce
  • Life insurance to provide for your family
  • Instructions for the transfer of your business upon your death, disability, or retirement
  • Updating your estate planning and instructions regularly according to changing situations
  • Staying abreast of tax and inheritance laws to determine how they affect your estate
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Get Your Estate in Order Today

Mark Sherman CPA is a nationally-renowned accounting firm led by one of the leading certified public accountants in Nevada. Our tax consultants and CPAs stay abreast of the latest laws and regulations to help you formulate a bullet-proof estate plan that ensures all of your instructions are met clearly upon your death or disability. While no one wants to consider the possibility of their death, we must plan for such an inevitability at the earliest. Please schedule an appointment to learn more about estate planning in Las Vegas and get your estate in order today.

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