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Let Us Do the Hard Work for You

When it comes to doing your taxes, you should leave that work to professionals who can help you maximize your deductions. You can certainly go solo with tax preparation, but then you’re bound to miss out on possible avenues to save taxes. With proper planning, the cost of professional tax consultation basically pays for itself, and then some! Mark Sherman CPA is led by certified public accountants and tax experts who can help you chart a sustainable and dynamic path towards wealth accumulation.

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Why Hire a Professional Tax Consultant:

  • Maximize Tax Deductions: We are experienced in completing tax returns for individuals and businesses, small and large. As such, we have a keen awareness of techniques and potential avenues to maximize your tax deductions and savings. We can help you identify safe and legal paths towards a tax deduction.
  • Reduce the Risk of Tax Audits: Non-professionals, even extremely diligent ones, don’t have the training necessary to spot the smallest of errors in tax filing. Even misplaced decimals can significantly increase your tax liability, while small errors can leave you vulnerable to IRS tax audits. We carefully file error-free tax returns to minimize the risk of tax audits.
  • Save Time: Filing tax returns carefully while identifying avenues for tax deductions can consume a lot of your time. And time is a non-renewable resource. Every minute you spend sweating over your taxes is another minute away from your business and source of income. As such, the time you save by hiring professionals is well worth the cost.
  • Save Money: Professional tax consultants can help you identify avenues for tax deductions that you may not have considered previously. As such, you can potentially earn back whatever you spend on tax consultations or even more!

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Our Tax Consultation Services Include:

  • Accounting services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Compiled or reviewed financial statements
  • Regular tax audits
  • Long-term tax planning
  • Tax resolution services
  • Audit protection planning
  • Tax representation
  • Specialty tax situations
  • Multi-state tax preparation
  • Business entity set-up
  • Filing tax returns
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Personal Tax Consultation

Most people will agree that tax laws are so complex that even filing simple returns can feel like a herculean task. This is why we offer consultation and tax preparation. Without professional assistance, you may easily overlook deductions and credits that can help you minimize your tax liability. Furthermore, computer software may simplify the tax filing process, but it can’t necessarily help with tax deductions. Mark Sherman CPA understands the intricacies of your personal tax returns to maximize your tax-saving capabilities. We also offer business accounting.Please contact us to explore your tax possibilities.

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