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Business Tax Consulting At Its Best

Mark Sherman CPA provides a comprehensive suite of business tax consulting and preparation services, through a certified public accountant and accredited IRS enrolled agents. Businesses incorporated in Nevada benefit from a business-friendly political landscape with maximum asset protection, but it’s essential to stay abreast of tax compliance responsibilities. We provide comprehensive business accounting in Las Vegas including tax consulting services such as accounting software installation, tax planning, quarterly tax payments, and more.

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Let's Help Your Business Remain Compliant

We provide comprehensive business tax consulting services to help you remain compliant, minimize the risk of IRS tax audits, and ensure maximum tax deduction. Our accountants perform a thorough assessment of your business expenses to help you pay the legal minimum in taxes, so you can grow your business and personal wealth with a clear mind. We also provide professional advice on your tax consequences related to your business entity setup process.

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I wish that I found Mark Sherman years ago. We paid so much on taxes last year. This was our first year with Mark, and we got a return! I met with him twice for consulting before having our taxes completed. Don't be afraid to spend a bit to consult. The advice he gave us was well worth the money spent and has saved us literal thousands just this tax year alone.

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QuickBooks Implementation Assistance

QuickBooks is universally acclaimed as the most user-friendly and effective software for tax planning. We are able to guide you through the process so you can install QuickBooks for your business. We can also help advise you on how to use Quickbooks and can help with any questions you may have in the course of your business accounting in Las Vegas. The QuickBooks accounting software allows us to streamline the entire accounting, bookkeeping, and tax planning process. It also allows us to generate regular reports that clearly showcase your financial statements and identify opportunities to reduce the tax burden further.

Tax Planning

We conduct a regular review of your tax liability position and profit and loss, which opens up opportunities to reduce your tax burden for the next year. We review previous taxes to identify potential issues that need to be addressed or locate missed tax-saving opportunities. Furthermore, a comprehensive review of your business expenses allows us to maximize your tax deductions and minimize the tax burden, allowing you to grow your wealth in a safe and legal manner.

Quarterly Tax Payment

Businesses are responsible for paying numerous forms of taxes in different periods, such as the Federal Unemployment Tax Act Tax (Form 940), Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns (Form 941), and the Modified Business Tax as a General Business or Financial Institution. Furthermore, you may be liable for different types of taxes based on your business entity (LLCs, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, etc.). We calculate and pay all of your estimated quarterly taxes regularly to avoid late payment penalties.

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Why choose Mark Sherman CPA?

Mark Sherman CPA remains abreast of the latest IRS tax laws to ensure you always have access to accurate and timely information. We ensure you remain compliant while taking advantage of all the latest changes in your favor. Please contact us for business accounting in Las Vegas today.

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