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Multi-state taxation can be really frustrating, especially if it’s not something you’ve done before. You may need to file multi-state taxes if you’re moving to another state, working from one state and living in another, or numerous other reasons. Mark Sherman CPA, one of the leading accounting firms in Nevada, helps you navigate these tricky waters to understand and execute your multi-state tax requirements.

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Filing Taxes in Two States

Determining how to file taxes in two states can be challenging, especially because it depends on numerous variables. It depends on which state is considered your source of income, which two states are involved, if you changed jobs from one state to another or kept the same job, and if there’s a reciprocity agreement between the states involved.

You may have to file a part-year resident return in both involved states, i.e., the states in which you’ve earned income through self-employment or wages and the state in which you have an income-producing property. You must also check the state’s residency rules because some of them consider you to be a full-year resident if you’ve lived in the state for over 183 days.

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Found Mark on Yelp and was new to the area. He asked relevant questions and gave explanations I could absorb. This saved me a lot on my current taxes. Having him look at the previous year's taxes to see if there are more savings. I definitely recommend.

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If you’re filing part-year resident returns on both states, you’ll need to determine each state’s individual rules for the incomes to report, such as dividends, pensions, income from interest, etc. Some states also require you to disclose all possible forms of income, whereas others require you to split the income between the two states.

As you can probably tell, numerous factors are involved in determining how you should file taxes in two states. If you’re concerned about filing taxes in two states, please contact us — our accountants stay abreast of the latest tax laws in various states to help you through the process.

Filing Taxes in Multiple States

If you live in one state and work across state lines, you may have to file taxes in multiple states. This will also depend on the specific states involved and whether they have a reciprocity agreement. If the two states don’t have a reciprocity agreement, you may have to file a nonresident return in the state where you don’t live and a resident return for your resident state.

The specific nature of filing taxes can be riddled with landmines that you must avoid. To steer clear of potential errors and avoid tax audits, please contact Mark Sherman CPA.

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