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Getting Properlly Set Up

The idea of opening your business can be exciting and terrifying in equal measures. You might be exceptional at the goods and services your business provides, but you need a methodical plan of action to see you through the incorporation process. Mark Sherman, the leading CPA in Nevada, works with new and developing businesses to simplify and streamline the business entity incorporation process. We have helped hundreds of businesses thrive, and we can do the same for you.

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Benefits of Business Incorporation Services:

  • Maximize your tax savings by taking advantage of essential business tax deductions
  • Lower the risk of IRS tax audits by ensuring everything is above board
  • Reduce your medical expenses
  • Avoid common pitfalls of most other small businesses
  • Focus on your business and revenue generation without getting sidetracked
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Our business has tried a few different CPAs and we were always disappointed until we found Mark and his team. Everyone at their office has gone above and beyond and their prices are beyond reasonable, especially for the level of service they provide. I'm looking forward to working with them for many more years to come. They do an excellent job with personal returns as well.

Our Business Entity Set-Up Services Include:

    • Preparing a comprehensive business plan
    • Clarifying your management, financial, and marketing plans
    • Identifying your start-up capital requirements
    • Quantifying your initial borrowing capacity
    • Preparing a comprehensive cash flow budget for monthly operations
    • Selecting the ideal business entity for your needs
    • Filing all relevant state and local licenses
    • Preparing your Federal Employer Identification Number
    • Developing a Partnership Agreement for all new partnerships
    • Identifying sources of start-up capital
  • Identifying the ideal business structure for your needs
  • Selecting the correct accounting software
  • Maximizing cash flow with optimal billing procedures
  • Monitoring and controlling business costs
  • Maximizing tax deductions by setting up a home office
  • Managing payroll and payroll tax-filing for your employees
  • Staying compliant with employment laws
  • Identifying your insurance requirements

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Selecting Your Business Entity

Your first major strategic decision as a business owner should be selecting the appropriate business entity. Unfortunately, most people make random or ill-informed decisions based on poor advice, which can lead to numerous hassles down the line. Your business entity essentially dictates your tax life for years to come, so you must make this decision in consultation with reliable accountants.

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The following are your business entity options:

  • Sole Proprietorship: This is the simplest and most basic company structure for self-employed individuals, wherein the net income flows to your personal tax return.
  • Partnership: This is suitable for two or more partners in a business, in which case the net income flows to the individual partners.
  • S-Corporation: This is a legal entity with as many as 100 shareholders, wherein all majority shareholders are required to receive “reasonable compensation” commensurate with their role and business activity.
  • C-Corporation: This business entity is not limited by the number of shareholders, but it may be liable to double taxation.

Let's Help You Get Started

Mark Sherman CPA helps you navigate the tricky and confusing waters of business entity set-up from the very beginning, thus ensuring you avoid common pitfalls that can stall your business plans.

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